The Eager Dead

How to apply at Orpheus Group
Character Creation

This game will start present day at the Orpheus Group’s Main corporate compound just north of New York City, on the far side of Westchester. Your characters will all have just finished a six month training program to become Orpheus Investigative Consultants. It is possible that you met one of the other characters at the training facility but unlikely, because it was mostly one on one training on various mundane subjects but also on Lament and Shade specific abilities. This is the beginning of the field training phase where you will be assigned to a carefully constructed team, a Crucible, and learn to implement your training.

We here at Orpheus Group have a very strict and rigorous application process. Many of those we hire are not regular applicants but those hand picked and stringently vested by our Human Resources staff. This results in a huge variety of socioeconomic backgrounds being represented at the company because the exact right factors that create a quality Consultant is very difficult to find. A major requirement is at least one (but usually several) Near Death Experiences. These NDEs are integral to linking a person with ability to interact with the departed. While it is not generally known, being part of the mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreement that you signed to begin training, Orpheus Group does indeed employ some qualified Post Life Entities. If you are one of these Entities we would like to take this moment to thank you for choosing to spend your afterlife helping the Orpheus Group.

We will be using new World of Darkness character creation rules [post god machine] with a specialty template I’ve made for Orpheus. Any Lament is available with a cap of two in the group, first come first served. Also any Shades, with the exception of Orphan Grinders, are available with the same two per group cap. If you are interested in choosing a Phantasm (page 92 of Shades of Gray) or Marrow (page 62 of End Game) please let me know as I will have to possibly modify some of their powers.

If you choose to look at any book other than the first please limit yourself to the chapter marked “The Unearthed Players Guide” so as to not ruin any surprises.

Here are some links:

New World of Darkness God Machine Rules Update


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