Elizabeth "Lovelace" Carter

Angsty teen hacker. "The glasses are for show"


Height: 5’6"
Build: light
Hair: long, wavy brown
Eyes: blue
Style: Hipster-goth hybrid; attire choice varies widely by mood and how seriously she wants to be taken.
Age: 18



I got my first computer at the age of 5. My mom thought it would help us keep in touch while she was on business trips. The thing is, I wound up falling in love with it. I learned as much as I could as fast as I could. By the time I was ten, I wrote my first program. At 12, I convinced my dad to get us better internet access. That’s when I started browsing forums, making online friends who taught me about hacking. Between their tutelage and my new-found access to to alternative news sources, I soon turned my skills toward taking down “the Man” in all forms: government, big business, cable news…

My luck changed for the worse when I hit high school. My freshman year, I was hit by a drunk driver, putting me in a coma for a week. My sophomore year, a bridge collapsed out from under my school bus. I was able to escape out the window, but most of my classmates drowned or were seriously injured. The next year, the bleachers collapsed while I was on my way back to my seat from the concession stand at the homecoming game. I started blaming myself and tried opting out, but my mom came home early from a business trip and found me bleeding out in the tub.

I was in a mental hospital when Orpheus called. They offered me a purpose and a way not to go back to that cursed school. Oh, and a chance to keep doing what I love. That helped.

Elizabeth "Lovelace" Carter

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